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Interview Tips for Recruitment in Nigeria

Thursday, December 1st, 2016:

Securing a job has become a tall order for many people. In fact, doing countless job applications is one thing and getting called to attend an interview is another thing all together. You thus have to make most use of interview opportunities you get so as to ensure you get a shot at desired jobs in Nigeria. Employment will be dictated by the employers or interviewers but it is important to play your part to maximize your chances of job recruitment in Nigeria. It is thus important to implement working communication solutions to take care of your body movements and […] Read More →

Junk yard crushing vintage cars soon – Burlington Hawk Eye

Thursday, December 1st, 2016:

The vintage cars at Burlington’s old Putnam’s Auto Body Shop junkyard are being spared a little longer. Phil Grandinetti bought the car lot in July intending to eventually clear out the overgrown land and salvage hundreds of old cars. After spending $30,000 cutting through the overgrown land, he hosted a parts sale for most of October that invited those interested to come in with tools and loot anything they wanted from the old cars. Salvage was sold by the pound. The plan was to begin crushing the vehicles last week after the sale closed, but Grandinetti opted to give it […] Read More →

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