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Author J. A. Garcia’s New Book “The Haunted House” is an Entertaining…

Saturday, December 31st, 2016:

(PRWEB) December 31, 2016 J. A. Garcia, a devoted writer and author, has completed his new book “The Haunted House”: a chiller story of an ill-fated trip unravelling in front of the vacation-goers. Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, J. A. Garcia’s cliff-hanger account of unimaginable villains affecting everyday people is compelling and captivating. “The Haunted House” revolves around the story of a group of friends who experienced something most people wouldn’t believe if they were to tell others. All of them planned on going to Universal Studios in California for the first time in their lives. When […] Read More →

Five Bollywood albums which struck the right notes in 2016 – The Hindu

Saturday, December 31st, 2016:

Vipin Nair December 30, 2016 15:34 IST Updated: December 30, 2016 15:34 IST “; var device = “”; for ( var type in WFClientTypeDef) { if (window.matchMedia(WFClientTypeDef[type]).matches) { switch (type) { case “xlarge”: device = ‘desktop’; break; case “large”: device = ‘desktop’; break; case “medium”: device = ‘tab’; break; case “small”: device = ‘mobile’; break; } break; } } var writeOnDocument = true; var skipOnDeviceValue = “[medium, small]”; var noSkipOnDevice = skipOnDeviceValue.length > 0; if(noSkipOnDevice) { if (skipOnDeviceValue.indexOf(“large”) > -1 && ‘desktop’ == device) { writeOnDocument = false; } if (skipOnDeviceValue.indexOf(“medium”) > -1 && ‘tab’ == device) { writeOnDocument = […] Read More →

Methodist Transplant Hospital Marks A Milestone – Texas Public Radio

Saturday, December 31st, 2016:

Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital in San Antonio is celebrating a successful year for living donor kidney donations. The hospital performed 200 of these patient to patient surgeries in 2016. That was a record for them and the greatest number of live donor kidney transplants ever performed in a single year at any transplant center in the country.    The 200th recipient was a single mother of two teenage girls from Odessa. Her best friend was deemed a match and agreed to donate a kidney. More than a hundred thousand people in the U.S. are on the waiting list for a […] Read More →

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