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Month: November 2016

This rocket company clearly wants to be as cool as SpaceX

The private spaceflight company United Launch Alliance (ULA) usually plays the stodgy uncle to Elon Musk’s young, swaggering SpaceX. Where SpaceX touts its Silicon Valley-style disruption of the commercial rocket market, ULA prides itself on its reliability. “Someday I expect the rest of the industry will become as reliable as we are,” ULA CEO Tory […]

Death toll rises to 8 in cave-in at Polish copper mine

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The director of a Polish copper mine said Wednesday rescue teams have recovered the bodies of the last three workers missing inside the mine after it caved in. The discovery brought the death toll from the cave-in triggered by an earthquake on Tuesday night to eight. Director Pawel Markowski called the […]

Dolphins-Ravens Is The Biggest Game Of Week 13 – FiveThirtyEight

We’re entering the last five weeks of the NFL season, and after this week, there are no more regular-season byes. But the two teams sitting out — the Browns and Titans — aren’t exactly huge players in the playoff hunt. So of the 15 games that will be played this week, which ones actually matter? […]

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