11 reasons why Android is winning

You know the smartphone has supplanted every other consumer technology when all anyone really wants in a car now is a “smartphone on wheels.” In a world where most smartphone users have Android-based models, Google is aiming to reach the next billion users coming online — with Android as the nexus of activity.

Whether it’s as a Google Home oracle/assistant, Android Auto smart car integration, TensorFlow machine learning or DayDream virtual reality, the Internet search behemoth now aims to become the search engine for your life. Add to that a serious focus on developer tooling and solutions such as Firebase and Android Studio 2.3, and it’s clear that Google is ramping its current ubiquity up to a whole new level. Here are 11 reasons why Android isn’t just for phones anymore.

  1. College students learn it

“We’re finally seeing a moment in technology where a ground swell of students are graduating from college have been trained on Android—thanks mostly to its open-source nature. As a result, the industry at large is now more well-suited to do high-quality Android development,” said David Evans, CTO of Uncorked Studios and a former instructor in mobile development at the University of Pittsburgh.

“While the iPhone is still the fashion mobile device, what you’re seeing is that the development tide is turning toward Android. Google has been doing a great job with focusing their platform and developers on this, and taking it as seriously as their developer community is taking it,” he said.

  1. Device makers like it

Previous to launching Bugsee, a “black box” tool for debugging Android apps, CEO Alex Fishman helped design a smart camera at Lytro (which exited consumer photography in 2016 and now focuses on virtual reality).

“We built it with Android because it was a phenomenally powerful OS, far better than anything else out there. We were also constrained because Lytro was running on a Qualcomm…

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