101 Awesome Ways To Use Vinegar Around The Home

We all know the old saying: honey catches more flies than vinegar.  Although this is a great way to live your life, maintaining a positive attitude, don’t take it too literally. After all, vinegar is easily one of the best products for your health and home.

We are learning more and more each and every day, especially in terms of the products we’re using. From harsh soaps to chemically-laced sprays, the air pollution within our homes can be rather shocking. Could vinegar be your saving grace?

Cleaning products and indoor air quality

Before we dive into the many uses of vinegar, I just want to focus on a couple interesting studies. Being human beings, we’re prone to only thinking about what we can see. Take your skin, for example. There are currently millions of bacteria living on the surface of your body — but we don’t think about them because we can’t see them.

The same is true for all the “garbage” within our air. Toxic chemicals are often sprayed inside our homes. And if you think they just disappear, you’re in for an unfortunate shock. Within one Canadian-based study, conducted by Environmental Defence, researchers tested the air quality after participants used cleaning products for 30 minutes. Participants used a range of products, mimicking the average cleaning experience — after all, most people do not stick to one brand.

Researchers found that all products led to higher concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In one Montreal…

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