Police: Band of thieves clean out 25 cars in 90 minutes

A band of thieves bypassed several layers of security, breaking into dozens of cars. LaTasha Givens and Adrianne Haney, WXIA 11:37 PM. EDT June 21, 2017 Gone in 90 minutes.  That’s how long police said it took for a band of thieves in Buckhead to bypass several layers of security, unnoticed to break into more

White House defends Trump’s tweet about ‘tapes’

After U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted he did not make tapes of his conversations with James Comey, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells reporters at the audio-only White House brieifng that, ”I don’t know that it was a game… he’s laid out his position on whether or not he personally was involved.”

Electronic toys impede language development in children : TreeHugger

Often marketed as educational, electronic toys have the opposite effect, resulting in parents and children speaking less to each other. Electronic toys are a poor substitute for parents’ voices, research has shown, and may impede children’s speech development. This might come as a surprise to parents and teachers who thought that the flashing, singing, and